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Mixman StudioPro 5.0

Mixman StudioPro is the next step up in the Studio line
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Mixman StudioPro, is the next step up in the Studio line. More power than basic Studio, including the full FX processing studio, making Pro a powerful sound design tool. Load any sound into the FX studio and turn into something completely new. With the Editing Studio, you can perfect your performances and create polished mixes ready for a mix tape or CD! Check the Pro FREE Trial for 60 days and see for yourself!
The Remixing Studio is the heart of Mixman. Here you load mixes (D-Plates, Singles, etc.) or build a mix one track at a time. You can load tracks in different tempos and they will automatically beat match! Using your computer keyboard you can trigger the Mixman tracks (TRK), in real-time just like an instrument.
The Recording Studio allows you create simple samples to add back into your mix in the Remixing Studio or for use elsewhere. Plug in any compatible microphone to your sound card or use the line in input for a keyboard, mixer or other outside sound source. You can even grab a bit off a CD and sample it in the Recording Studio. Once the file is named and saved you can then trigger it like any other Mixman track (TRK).

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